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Today's advanced systems provide comfort and efficiency yet in some instances they can be catastrophic or costly in the event of failure. CMTIGroup was founded in 1998 for the purpose of assisting clients tackle the safety and dependability system issues by providing specialty engineering services. Our expertise and services apply to space, aerospace, defense, transportation, high tech, telecommunication, power generation, and government agencies. CMTIGroup provides specialty-engineering services for safety critical systems. The company has expertise in project management, systems analysis, and system safety certification support. The company founders and associates have expert knowledge in the specialty engineering discipline providing the best-integrated solution to your organization challenges. CMTIGroup staff strives towards building safer and dependable systems by providing superior specialty engineering services. CMTIGroup is experienced in providing guidance and analytical support to these communities to achieve equipment certification on schedule and within cost. CMTIGroup supports organizations to meet key standards such as DO-178C, DO-254, MIL-STD-882, SAE ARP4761, SAE ARP 4754A, CENELEC EN50126 and various international industry related System Safety standards.


Engineering Services

CMTIGroup Specialty Engineering capabilities allow your organization to integrate specific system or product attributes into your design and development process, assess and confirm that the Specialty Engineering attributes are part of your product or system. The attributes described above deal with Specialty Engineering system or product analysis, requirements, functions, solutions, and/or interfaces using specialized skills and tools. CMTIGroup assists in the derivation of requirements, synthesis of solutions, selection of alternatives, and validation and verification of requirements for the elements listed below.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering (SE) is the process that trades off and integrates elements within a system's design to achieve the best product or system. SE requires quantitative and qualitative decision making analysis, optimization, and integration of the results from the specialty engineering discipline to achieve a proper system design. CMTIGroup with its specialty engineering capabilities can support your organization with SE tasks through a series of steps that eventually leads to a physical design at all levels. Some of the CMTIGroup SE capabilities include:

• Requirements Management and Traceability
• Functional Analysis
• Tradeoff Analysis
• Validation and Verification
• Formal Interface Control
• Change control

Risk management

The CMTIGroup risk management approach is based on the principles that risk management is forward-looking, structured, informative, and continuous. The CMTIGroup risk management strategy is early planning and aggressive execution to mitigate the risk. Typical Risk Management analysis requested by our customers includes:

• Critical Items List
• System Safety
• System Reliability
• Requirements Management

System Safety Engineering

CMTIGroup System Safety Engineers will deal with the evaluation and management of safety risks associated with a product or system. This will be achieved using measures of safety risk and various hazard analyses itemized below. CMTIGroup technical staff will support your organization to assess the appropriate level of safety analysis for your product or system in accordance with customer requirements and will support your organization to perform your system safety risk assessments, hazard analysis, tracking and hazard control. CMTIGroup system safety expertise includes the following:

• System Safety Program Plan development
• Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
• Particular Risk Analysis
• Zonal Safety Analysis
• Preliminary Hazard Analysis
• System Hazard Analysis
• Subsystem Hazard Analysis
• Operational & Support Hazard Analysis
• Software Safety

Reliability Engineering

Reliability system attributes has tended to be more of an after-thought in system or product design and development and analytical activities have been performed to meet corporate procedures or customer requirements. In some instances system reliability tends to be done late in the development process or is completely omitted. In order to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace our clients acknowledge the need to design reliability, availability and maintainability in their systems or products. The CMTIGroup analysts are experts at performing quantitative and qualitative analyses of your system attributes to perform reliably. The quantitative assessments are in the form of probabilistic, mean, and/or distribution assessments whereas qualitative analyses are in the form of failure mode assessments. Additionally the CMTIGroup analysts will make an evaluation of the design's ability to meet operational readiness requirements through preventive and corrective maintenance. The CMTIGroup has decades of hands on experience in the implementation of effective reliability programs including the performance of RAMS plans and analysis such as;

• Root cause analysis
• Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA / FMECA
• Parts Stress Analysis
• Sneak Circuit Analysis

Integrated Logistics Support

integrated logistics support (ILS) is a critical functional discipline used to establish and maintains a support system for all your organization products and services. The CMTIGroup analytical capability will permit your organization to provide the optimum level of service to the end user at minimal lifecycle cost. The ILS support is applicable to new investment programs as well as the sustainment of fielded products / systems and services. Specialized ILS analysis requested by our customers includes:

• Spares Analysis
• Parts Forecast and Inventory control
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Engineering Experience


- Airbus 380 (GPS)
- Aircraft Electrical/Avionics Systems Subsystems
- BOEING 777-LR, 737/700, 800, 747 (GPS), C-17
- Cabin LAN, Servers
- Cabin Management Systems
- Cabin Pressure Control System
- Canadian Maritime Helicopter Program
- Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) Interfaces and other Systems
- Electrical Power Generation Distribution Systems
- Electronic Engine Controller (EEC)
- F-18 /EF Systems/Subsystems
- Flight Entertainment Systems
- Flight management Systems
- Global Express, BD-100, RJ-700 Aircraft
- Global Positioning System (GPS) (airborne and ground stations)
- IRS, Automatic Flight Control Systems
- Landing Gear System
- Raytheon Hawker Horizon
- Space Shuttle Replacement (RLV) X-33 Program


- Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (CAATS)
- Military Automated Air Traffic System (MAATS)


- Canadian Coast Guard Remote Comm. Project
- Canadian Forces RADAR Project
- Canadian Navy Destroyers Upgrade Modernization Project (TRUMP)
- Canadian Navy Patrol Frigate Program (CPF) and Shipboard Helicopter Program
- Cruise Missile Program
- Fighter/Trainer Aircraft Project (ANYUK-10)
- IFF Simulators, Automated Avionics Test Station Projects
- Light Armored Vehicle Project (Canadian US Marine)
- Maritime Helicopter Program (MHP)
- USN TRIDENT Class Submarine Gyro Compass Project


- Automated Train Control Systems/LRT (Light Rapid Transit)
- Citadis Spirit Light Rail Vehicle
- Hong Kong KCRC LRT Project
- JFK New York Light Transit Project
- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Light Transit Project
- Las Vegas Mono Rail LRT
- Light Rail Vehicles - FLEXITY
- London Dock Lands Transit
- New Jersey Rapid Transit
- New York City Subway Car R179
- Positive Train Control (PTC)
- San Francisco Rapid Transit MUNI Project
- SkyTrain MKII Vehicles Expansion Program ARTs
- Toronto Transit Commission Toronto Rocket Subway
- Toronto Transit Speed Control System
- Vancouver Sky Train and Detroit LRT Projects
- Washington Dulles Airport People Mover LRT
- Yong-In Light Rapid Transit


Satellites Programs
- BrazilSat
- Hyperspectral Environment and Resources Observer (HERO)

International Space Station Programs
- Microgravity Vibration Isolation Subsystem (MVIS)
- Mobile Remote Servicer Base (MBS)
- Mobile Servicing Station (MSS)
- Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS)
- Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM)


CMTIGroup provides specialized services in a niche market related to safety critical applications therefore dedication, professionalism, integrity, and attention to details is our primary focus. Our success comes from our knowledge, expertise, teamwork, commitment and loyalty to our customers and personnel. CMTIGroup hires the finest candidates and provides an exceptional environment for personal growth. Please send your curriculum vitae by



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